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Cold temperatures have arrived and leaves have started to begin to drop. This is the high time to think about winterizing your home and protecting it from dirt, debris and cold. More often than not, the outdoor unit of your air conditioner gets affected. The air conditioners are built to withstand cold winter, but when the weather becomes very harsh, things become really difficult for the outdoor unit to handle.

So now the question arises in house owner’s mind, whether they should cover their AC systems or not? Well! Nothing to worry as AC maintenance Miami service has clearly defined few pros and cons of covering their air conditioners in winter.

Pros of Covering the AC Unit

  • Cleaner Coils

When you cover the AC unit in winter, it keeps the coils of your AC unit cleaner which helps the unit run efficiently. So there will be no issue and your AC will run better again.

  • Debris will Not Enter

           When you cover your AC unit, it will prevent debris from entering into the unit. The debris, dirt, dust and other contaminants will not enter into the unit and keep your AC protected.

  • Prevent Freezing

          When you cover your AC unit, it will not allow water to rest on your coils and also will not freeze the coils. Otherwise, the damage can occur.     

Cons of Covering the AC Unit

  • Risk of Rust

When you cover an entire unit, it may actually trap moisture into the unit leading to high humidity. This may cause rust and corrosion to the wires, electrical connections and to the circuit boards.  

  • Mold  

The AC is kept in an open area, but covering it can lead to blockage of air that can flow and helps avoiding the growth of mold on the coils. Because if the mold is growing, it can block proper airflow and decrease AC efficiency.

  • Manufacturer doesn’t Recommend

Most of the manufacturers don’t recommend covering their units as the AC systems operate all-round the year. AC units are built to withstand an outdoor environment and thus don’t require coverage.



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