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Home owners have a lot to do at home and one of those things is to take care of their heating and cooling systems. Not only has this, but they also have to maintain a monthly budget for every maintenance and repairs of the appliances used in the home. This affects a lot on the efficiency of the appliances and the way they perform, and HVAC system is no different.

So whether you as a homeowner have been maintaining your HVAC monthly or you eagerly want to have a monthly plan for HVAC maintenance, this blog is for you. Here in this, the AC maintenance Miami service has clearly stated all you should know about how to clean, inspect and schedule HVAC system maintenance every month.

Vents should never be blocked as blocked vents restrict airflow through your unit. This can cause performance issues. So as a house owner, make sure to remove carpets and rugs away from the vents. This will help the air vents to perform in a better way, not restricting them in anyway.

Condenser Unit

The outdoor unit usually gets dusty overtime.  So the best way is to employ a small brush and gently brush off the debris from the unit. If required, cut plants and bushes that are occupying your unit. Doing so will definitely give your condenser unit a refreshing way of performing even much better.

Drain Lines

Check drain lines for clogs and when clogged with mold or algae growth, then clean off. Condensation doesn’t get cleaned on its own; it needs to be cleaned otherwise, water backs up indoors and causes water damage. So as a responsible home owner, make sure to wipe out all the dust, dirt or debris from the drain lines.


Yes! Of course, tune-ups are most essential, whether done annually or monthly. This is something which is essential to keep your unit strengthened in the long run. Your unit should be cleaned and repaired at least once a year. Generally, people often delay tune-ups for one, or the other reasons, but adhering to timely tune-ups brings more durability to your HVAC unit.

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