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This is a common home problem having hot and cold spots which sometimes can’t be fixed and sometimes can’t be guessed out where exactly they are. So never think that you have gone crazy or you have seen a ghost. There are a variety of factors that play a role in having cold and hot spots at home, like number of windows opened, insulation and how old your home is? Rarely other usual factors.

But nothing to take stress as you can do much more to reduce cold and hot spots in your home. Here are some tips mentioned by AC repair Miami service for your reference.

Don’t Block Air Vents

Uneven cooling and heating happens because of blocking air vents. Sometimes furniture and other things block air vents which in return results in impediment of air. This further causes rooms to get hot or cold depending on which unit you are running. Always make sure to not block air vents.

Windows and Doors Aren’t Sealed

It’s possible that windows and doors aren’t sealed properly and even the smallest gaps can lead cool air out. This is not only bad for your comfort, but it also bad for your wallet as a lot of energy is consumed by the HVAC or AC system to function. So the best way is to do weather stripping or caulking wherever is needed. Sometimes you can even go for replacing the windows.

Ducts Should Be Cleaned or Repaired

Although duct cleaning comes last in mind, but this is something essential which needs to be done as soon as possible. Dirty ducts can obstruct the HVAC system to work smoothly and hassle-free. It can also wear and tear the unit and make it work in an interrupted manner.

Another thing possible with damaged ducts is that conditioned air can escape out before it reaches the interior of your home. This will cause you to waste money unnecessarily and have inconsistent cooling or heating.

Hot and cold spots can trigger annoyance, sometimes for house owners. So it is essential to check for hot and cold spots at regular intervals of time so that you can have best comfort.



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